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Jeffrey Pofsky, the founder of JNP Merchandising is a “Tenacious Merchant” trained by incredible mentors, spirited leaders, and winning managers who helped shape his vision and passion for merchandising and service. After graduating from Colgate University in 1985 with a BA in Political Science and Religion, Jeff held management positions at Macy’s, Club Sportswear, The Gap, Apparel Ventures, Target, The Finish Line, Aqua Blues, and beyond! This crazy ride made him realize he was ready to build his own business and help others at the same time…

Jeff is the leader of a Team of “Miracle-Makers” at JNP Merchandising. This powerful group believes in Service, Speed, and Satisfaction. This is the core of what JNP believes in and drives the way the Team operates. If you are after “Spectacular Swag”, a “Glamorous Gift”, or an “Exceptional Experience”, JNP is right for you. We make Miracles happen…with Merchandise!…Abracadabra!