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There isn’t enough space on the internet to talk about this wonderful person, mom, friend, and business professional — Jaime Geffen of Geffen Events — and what she means to JNP Merchandising. Jaime was one of our VERY FIRST clients. As any business owner knows, starting is the hardest part of any business. And those initial clients who took the leap of faith and invested in our services, before we had the prolific portfolio we have today, are the cornerstones of our success.

To give back, we would like to share about Jaime Geffen and her superpowers within event planning and her life. Jaime Geffen is owner of Geffen Events — the leading experimental design and production firm in LA, mom to Cole, and an avid horseback rider. She is also a shining example of a woman who’s embraced a new life of health and happiness, and she shares her journey on social media. Her shared experience has encouraged thousands of others to follow in her footsteps and embrace health for themselves.

Of course, we know her best for her expertise in event planning and as a highly successful owner of Geffen Events. Geffen Events is an event & entertainment management firm located in Los Angeles, CA. They make exceptional efforts to provide their clients with a top quality experience by going above and beyond in their services. They always strive to be innovative in their design when producing events while maintaining a professional and unique style in the theme of each event. Having been on the client side of event production, they also understand the reality of a budget. They work to maintain the integrity of the budget, while still ensuring a beautiful and exciting event. They pride themselves on being timely with deadlines and working to produce each event under budget and exceed expectations.

Please visit Geffen Events’ website:

See Jaime Geffen and Geffen Events featured on our ‘Merchandise for Event Planners’ page:

Follow Jaime on Instagram: @jaimekrupnickgeffen @geffenevents

Jaime, we thank you for giving us that chance and for your continued business today. Thank you for your remarkable testimonial and your professionalism.

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