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Jeff:  “Hi everyone, it is Jeff Pofsky and welcome to the JNP Miracle Makers Podcast. I’m sitting here with Eris from our team.”

Eris “Heeey!”

Jeff:  “Hey Eris. Glad to have you. Glad to have everyone here today. Everyone knows that JNP Merchandising makes miracles happen with merchandise.  We deal in ‘Spectacular Swag,’ ‘Exceptional Experiences,’ and ‘Glorious Gifts’ — that’s our core business.”

“But that’s not the purpose of this podcast. What we’re talking about in this podcast and going forward are the incredible people and contacts that I know that make a difference in our community. We have wonderful people that we are connected to that make the world a better place — that have a core business, but really know how to give back. And that’s what we want to highlight and hopefully that’s going to be inspirational for you. I know it’s inspirational for me, and that’s what I want to spend some time on.

“So stay tuned! We’re going to have some fantastic guests in the week ahead and we look forward to sharing their vision for the future with you, and how we can all make our community better. Talk to you soon!”

Jeff Pofsky

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